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About Creative France

Creative France is the label that applies to an international campaign launched in 2015 and designed to highlight France’s full range of strengths, skills and savoir-faire, as well as to identify the creative individuals and major innovations that make France what it is today.

This campaign was officially launched in Australia during the visit of the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Marc Ayrault, in Sydney in March 2017.

For the history and the mission of Creative France in Australia, see its website:

About Creative France in South Australia

Creative France in South Australia is also devoted to highlighting France’s creativity and
sharing its achievements with the local community. It was formed of a number of individuals and partner organisations which had long shared a common interest in organising French- themed events and performances and in developing cultural links between France and South Australia. Members of the group had collaborated successfully on a wide range of activities across the educational and cultural sectors before being invited to take on the title of Creative France by the French Embassy in Canberra.

Our group commenced operations under the umbrella of Creative France in 2016. Creative France in South Australia was launched at the Palace Nova cinema on March 17 by the Ambassador of France, His Excellency Christophe Lecourtier, in the presence of the Hon Zoe Bettison, Minister for Multicultural Affairs. For details of the event, see:
https://blogs.adelaide.edu.au/eucentre/2016/04/08/creative-france- initiative-launched- in-

Amongst other features, our website hosts a calendar of its own French-themed events and those of its partners. Its calendar is also at the disposal of those wishing to highlight their own French-themed activities, but it also invites all such groups who share its interests to take up membership of our association and share the benefits of collaboration.